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Volume – What You See Is What You Hear #01

table of contents
Time and Space – A Brief History of Sound Art
by Rahma Khazam

Sensibility Engineering – Interview with Kerwin Rolland
by Raphaël Brunel et Anne-Lou Vicente

Interlude: Nicolas Fenouillat

Ravelin, curtain and half-moon: Sound Art, a Fortified Art
by Bastien Gallet

Sound Diagonals – Interview with Sébastien Faucon
by Raphaël Brunel et Anne-Lou Vicente

Notes on Steve Reich's Pendulum Music
by Christophe Gallois

A Formless Form (featuring Charlemagne Palestine)
by Mathieu Copeland

Interlude: Dominique Petitgand

Georgina Starr: I am a Record
by Yann Chevallier

Interlude: Samon Takahashi

Su-Mei Tse – Romantic Echo
by Magali Lesauvage

Joachim Scmid – “Tausend Himmel” and the equivalence principle
by Joël Vacheron

Laurent Montaron – Chronicle of a Disappearance Foretold
by Anne-Lou Vicente

Interlude: Jérôme Poret

Philippe Decrauzat's LeslieLaocoon in The Twilight Zone
by Matthieu Poirier

Odd Bunch – Sound in Artists' Films
by Alexandre Castant

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