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Flash Art #340 – Fall 2022 – Coded Surfaces

 - Flash Art #340
For its fall issue, Flash Art looks at how artists navigate and draw upon the creative industry known as "fashion".
Very often today we speak of transdisciplinary or multidisciplinary productions, usually in reference to artistic practices that draw from a range of outside disciplines or creative realms. In this fall issue, titled CODED SURFACES, Flash Art looks at how artists navigate and draw upon the creative industry known as "fashion"—what it represents, its materiality, and the literal and figurative tools it can offer.
Behind this notion of transdisciplinarity, and the high-soundingness of the term, there is an actual need to convey a message—a message that may be obscured the stylistic or procedural baggage of other creative fields. Fashion today seems much more able to externalize concepts that in art somehow remain unspoken, coded behind the surface of the image. Fashion also seems to understand art in all its formal manifestations; indeed, the former often makes use of the tools and methodologies of the latter, articulating unanticipated criticalities in the process.

In this issue: Living in a Material World. Tenant of Culture in Conversation with Philomena Epps; Self-Conception in the Making. Tarik Kiswanson in Conversation with Eleonora Milani; Counter-stances and refusal. Deborah-Joyce Holman in Conversation with Cédric Fauq; Nightlife, Glamour, Art. Visual essay by DeSe Escobar; Profile. Bernadette Corporation: Scaling Friendship by Charlie Robin Jones; Full-Circle Horror. James Bantone in Conversation with Olamiju Fajemisin; SEMIOFUCK Episode I Droning by Armature Globale; In the Mood for Muck. Geo Wyex in Conversation with Isabel Parkes; Letter from the City. The Last of Us Tell by Vidisha-Fadescha; A Whirlwind of Connections. Lafawndah in Conversation with Jazmina Figueroa; Plants in a Garden, Tended by Machines. Nora N. Khan in Conversation with Andrea Bellini; One to Watch. Inventing Male Archetypes that Privilege Softness and Introspection: Devan Shimoyama by Jane Ursula Harris; Questionnaire. Two Kinds of Knowledge Shaking Hands: A Conversation About You Can't Trust Music by Julieta Aranda and Xenia Benivolski; Critic Dispatch: Documenta 15. Is Art Rooted in Life? Documenta, Now by Frank Wasser.
Flash Art is an international quarterly magazine and publishing platform dedicated to thinking about contemporary art, exploring the evolving cultural landscape through the work of leading artists, writers, curators and others. One of Europe's oldest art magazines, Flash Art was founded in Rome in 1967, before relocating to Milan in 1971, and was originally bilingual, published in both Italian and English. In 1978 two separate editions were launched: Flash Art International and Flash Art Italia. Today the magazine remains one of the most recognizable and widely read publications of its kind, and is distributed in 87 countries.
published in September 2022
English edition
22,5 x 29 cm (softcover)
264 pages (ill.)
in stock

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