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Curating CapitalismHow Art Impacts Business, Management, and Economy

Pierre Guillet de Monthoux - Curating Capitalism
How art and the artist inspire business: an examination of the origins of this relationship from Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol.
Curating has evolved into much more than creating interesting exhibitions, promoting artists, and selling artwork. Art worlds have fused with business worlds and transformed capitalism from the inside out. To "curate capitalism" implies new ways of management that go far beyond the simple commercialization of art and artist. Today, art and the artist inspire business. While some of Curating Capitalism can be traced back to the German Artist Joseph Beuys' declaration that Art=Capital and American Andy Warhol's vision of a capitalistic "Business Art," it takes the insights of independent curators to upscale and intellectually articulate these ideas.
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux directs the Stockholm School of Economics Art Initiative where he is Professor at its Center for Arts, Business, and Culture. He has held professorships in general management at Stockholm University, Sweden, and in philosophy and management at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He is docent at Åbo Akademi, Finland, and teaches at Artem Nancy in France.
Graphic design: Ronnie Fueglister.
published in April 2023
English edition
12,5 x19 cm (softcover)
360 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-1-915609-19-9
EAN : 9781915609199
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