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She asked directions for getting lost

Manuela Ribadeneira - She asked directions for getting lost
First monograph.
This publication departs from Manuela Ribadeneira's collaboration with Artes No Decorativas S.A. in Ecuador in the 1990s and arrives at her current practice as artist, publisher, and organizer in London and Quito. It brings together new essays by Catalina Lozano, Florencia Portocarrero; a hypnotic induction by Marcos Lutyens; a personal reflection by Pablo Lafuente; an interview with Rodolfo Kronfle; and a translation of a text by Virginia Pérez-Ratton. As editor, Rivet (Sarah Demeuse and Manuela Moscoso) became an active interlocutor, which translates into its presence as commentator and guide to the reader. Ribadeneira's own voice appears in semi-hypnotic narrative entries reflecting on her practice and her deep experience of geographic and emotional place.
Manuela Ribadeneira (born 1966 in Quito, lives and works in London) is an Ecuadorian artist and curator. She is known for her particular way of producing sophisticated objects that, by means of diverse metaphorical operations, skilfully synthesise a series of narratives that allow for a critical focus on the present. Her works stem from concerns connected to the specific conjuncture of their moment of creation, which she usually approaches through scientific curiosity or historical anecdotes, responding to them from personal experience or a familiar memory. Such quality of seeking an intersection between the intimate and the political allows her works go beyond their original context of creation to become thoughts projected over time, giving place to continuously actualised readings.
Edited by Rivet.
Texts by Sarah Demeuse, Rodolfo Kronfle, Pablo Lafuente, Catalina Lozano, Marcos Lutyens, Manuela Moscoso, Virginia Pérez-Ratton, Florencia Portocarrero, Manuela Ribadeneir.
published in April 2022
English edition
15,7 x 24 cm (softcover)
192 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-6749-492-7
EAN : 9788867494927
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