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EditorialAn Exhibition in Words

 - Editorial
Ten contemporary Italian writers dialogue with the works displayed in the exhibition inaugurating Luca Lo Pinto's program at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.
"Museo per l'Immaginazione Preventiva – Editorial" is the show-cum-manifesto which reopened MACRO in 2020 and introduced the curatorial work of the new artistic director Luca Lo Pinto. Through the works on display, featured with a view to anticipating the themes to be developed over a three-year programme, the exhibition also opened up a broader reflection on the identity of the contemporary museum institution, inviting visitors to let themselves be guided by the artists' visions and the questions they pose.
The publication Editorial: An Exhibition in Words brings together the voices of ten of the most important contemporary Italian writers—Emanuele Trevi, Valerio Magrelli, Veronica Raimo, Ivan Carozzi, Nadia Terranova, Igiaba Scego, Alessandro Lolli, Elena Stancanelli, Francesco Pacifico and Chiara Valerio—who transformed their visit to the show into a narrative, imagining further dialogues with the works displayed. The book, deliberately bereft of imagery, reflects on the exhibition exclusively through the use of the word.
Edited by Luca Lo Pinto.
Texts by Ivan Carozzi, Alessandro Lolli, Valerio Magrelli, Francesco Pacifico, Veronica Raimo, Igiaba Scego, Elena Stancanelli, Nadia Terranova, Emanuele Trevi, Chiara Valerio.

Graphic design: Marco Campardo Studio.
published in March 2022
English edition
12,5 x 20,5 cm (softcover)
128 pages
ISBN : 979-12-80336-02-6
EAN : 9791280336026
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