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J.J. Zana - Cycles
Through eleven collections and the exploration of two formats (aphorism and short prose), J.J. Zana intents, in this first book, to develop a writing that transcends the concept of genre—or gender.
Also available in English edition.
J.J. Zana (born 1985 in Marseille) is an artist whose main medium is writing. His first text (a translation from Spanish made in collaboration with Dani Zelko and Marie Bardet) has been published by Museum Reina Sofia (Madrid) in 2020. He lives and works in Berlin.
Edited by Nemo Ripoll and Camille Mansour.

Graphic design: Alan Bolumar.
published in March 2022
French edition
11 x 17 cm (softcover)
128 pages
ISBN : 978-3-9823033-0-7
EAN : 9783982303307
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