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Poems and Parables on the Political Utility of Art

Karl Katz Lydén - Poems and Parables on the Political Utility of Art
The political potential of art.
Poems and Parables on the Political Utility of Art is a small book. It looks like poetry, but it is better described as a kind of criticism. Taking up some recent disqualifications of art's political potential, it refutes them in a threefold movement: against the notion of commodification of works of art; against the act of denouncing art as always-already reified from the safe position of a pure, untouched theory; against the notions that art must either reveal our alienation, or produce immediate effects on the social sphere. Outlining art's transformative possibilities in the figure of a certain labor, the argument is shaped among fables of donkeys, zebras from Gaza, apes from Adorno, and a particular barricade from the Paris Commune.

Like a donkey dressed in zebra's clothing, criticism can appear in a borrowed coat; perhaps it can even reveal itself in stolen poems. Here, among fables of donkeys, shoemakers and barricades, German angels and non-German angels, and a few lines from Emily Dickinson, the transformative possibilities of art are unfolded in the figure of labor.
Karl Katz Lydén is a writer, critic, and translator based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Graphic design: Robin Watkins.
published in December 2021
English edition
12 x 19 cm (softcover)
96 pages
ISBN : 978-3-96436-052-6
EAN : 9783964360526
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