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Topographie discrèteScénario pour un texte sans dimensions

Anne-Françoise Schmid, Ivan Liovik Ebel - Topographie discrète
The meeting between the artist and the philosopher, working together to create a common space.
Anne-Françoise Schmid (born 1948 in Neuchâtel) is a philosopher specializing in the philosophy of science, Poincaré, and the editor of Russell and Couturat. She has worked and participated in numerous art projects and exhibitions, with Gallien Déjean, Benoît Maire, Robin Mackay, and Ivan Liovik Ebel.
Ivan Liovik Ebel (born 1983 in Neuchâtel) is an artist based in Berlin. His research revolves around themes related to space and time, and the relativity of perception.
Edited by Julien Gonzalez-Alonso.

graphic design: Das dritte Büro, Berlin.
published in October 2021
French edition
15,7 x 21,1cm (softcover)
104 pages
ISBN : 978-2-88006-143-2
EAN : 9782880061432
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