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Funky Minimal

Gerwald Rockenschaub - Funky Minimal
Catalogue of the eponymous exhibition at Le Consortium, Dijon, and Kunstverein Hamburg in 1999.
Architecture, non-architecture, post-architectural, sculptural, not-sculptural, a form of drawing in space. Transparently presently, an absence that unfolds the structural actuality of the context.
Joshua Decter
Texts by Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen, Peter Fend, Joshua Decter, H-C. Dany ; biography, bibliography.
published in 1999
bilingual edition (English / German)
15 X 21 cm
152 pages (107 colour & 10 b/w illustrations)
31.00 15.00
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ISBN : 978-3-88375-369-0
EAN : 9783883753690
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Funky Minimal Funky Minimal Funky Minimal
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