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Sandra Martagex - Désir
A collection of drawings by Sandra Martagex published in Pool Of Tears, a series of small format artist's books.
Sandra Martagex was born in Paris into a family of artists, restorers and collectors. Surrounded since childhood by strange and singular primitive objects, it is quite naturally that she starts to create and never stops. After a youth spent in a small village of Vaucluse in contact with the wild nature, she returns with her parents to live in the Paris region. She entered the Corvisart school of graphic arts and then entered the Beaux-Arts de Paris. There she discovered several techniques, acrylic painting, oil, engraving...
Since 1995, Sandra Martagex exhibits all over the world and her works join museum collections. She participates in artist residencies and various underground publications. She lives and works today in Malakoff.
published in October 2020
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10,5 x 15 cm (softcover)
16 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-490410-11-8
EAN : 9782490410118
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