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A marginalized practice or a farcical adventure, cryptozoology is the quest for unknown, rumored, or hidden animals. Three themes are traced through art projects and essays in the book: Artists, Adventurers, Environmentalists; History of Science, Taxonomy, Dioramas, Museum Display; and Pop Culture, Myth, Spectacle, and Fraud.
Rachel Berwick, Sarina Brewer, Walmor Correa, Mark Dion, Sean Foley, Joan Fontcuberta and Pere Formiguera, Ellen Lesperance, Robert Marbury, Jill Miller, Vik Muniz, Jeanine Oleson, Rosamond Purcell, Alexis Rockman, Marc Swanson, Jeffrey Vallance, Jamie Wyeth and Loren Coleman's future museum of Cryptozoology.
Edited by Mark Bessire and Rachell Smith.
Texts by Loren Coleman, Loring M. Danforth, Dave Filipi, Sean Foley, Nato Thompson, Chris Thompson.

Published by the Bates College Museum of Art, Lewiston, Maine.
published in 2006
English edition
20,3 x 25,4 cm (softcover)
168 pages (60 colour ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-905770-07-0
EAN : 9783905770070
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Cryptozoology Cryptozoology Cryptozoology

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