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Becky Beasley, Claire Scanlon - “ ” #03
Around 1999, artist Becky Beasley began writing to her former tutor, Claire Scanlon, who kept her letters but never replied. Years later, in 2016, the two began to intermittently record their conversations, now as friends. Here they discuss their “components of practice”, which are as mundane as they are existential: space, time, literature, resistance, clarity, ambiguity, burrowing, parenthood, depression, and German Soup.
“ ” (Quotation Marks) is a book series edited by Adam Gibbons and Eva Wilson that looks at the forms and roles of publishing as and within artists' practices. “ ” hosts conversations with artists who work at the intersection of publishing and exhibition-making: through circulation, dissemination, spamming, dispersion, print, data, language, infection, fashion, networks, disturbance, myth, parasiting, and infiltration.
Born 1975, Becky Beasley lives and works in St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, UK.
Edited by Adam Gibbons and Eva Wilson.

Graphic design: HIT.
published in March 2020
English edition
10,5 x 15,8 cm (softcover)
76 pages
ISBN : 978-88-8056-074-6
EAN : 9788880560746
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