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Treatise on the Veil

Nick Mauss - Treatise on the Veil
This artist's book / leporello gathers reproductions of artworks from the permanent collection of the Museum Ludwig, drawing out re­s­o­nances be­tween the dis­parate works.
Nick Mauss' artist's book takes the form of a postcard accordion with a wrap-around cover sleeve, reproducing artworks presented as part of his contribution to the HERE AND NOW exhibition series at Museum Ludwig, “Transcorporealities”, curated by Leonie Radine. Featuring works by George Brecht, Inge Schmidt, Jack Smith, Max Ernst, and Mauss, amongst others, this leporello recalls the juxtapositions and interrelationships among artworks and performers brought together within the permanent collections galleries of the Museum Ludwig for the duration of the exhibition, confounding representations of the body, the utterance, and the event.
Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Transcorporealities” at Museum Ludwig, Cologne, from September 21, 2019 to January 19, 2020.
The diverse artistic practice of Nick Mauss (born 1980 in New York, lives and works in New York and Berlin) encompasses drawing, sculpture and performance along with some curatorial projects that he initiated in the last years. Mauss' oeuvre is characterized by a perpetual state of indeterminacy, in a need of thinking about drawing and painting in an expansive sense. His work is a premeditated confusion where definitive shapes and forms are overlooked in favor of ambiguous semblances.
Texts by Nick Mauss.

Graphic design: Nick Mauss and Studio Manuel Raeder.
published in May 2020
English edition
leporello under plastic sleeve
32 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-96436-025-0
EAN : 9783964360250
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