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Ce que Laurence Rassel nous fait faire

Laurence Rassel - Ce que Laurence Rassel nous fait faire
A book of interviews with the curator and pedagogue Laurence Rassel, who develops in thought and action ways to remedy what ruins relationships and hinders emancipation.
How to make institutions more liveable, more inventive and self-critical? How to promote emancipation and horizontality in schools and museums? These are among the practical aims of Ce que Laurence Rassel nous fait faire, a book of conversations with Laurence Rassel, director of the Erg (école de recherche graphique) in Brussels. In 2018, a group of three visual artists—Agathe Boulanger, Signe Frederiksen and Jules Lagrange—started a year-long conversations with Laurence, exploring her social and educational background, her ways of working, and examining the tools she applies in her daily practice of running institutions: feminism, the open source and free software movements, and the institutional psychotherapy developed by François Tosquelles and Jean Oury in the psychiatric field around the mid-20th century.
On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Paraguay creates a collection of essays and book-length interviews, published in, or translated into French. The books in this series are commissioned ones, books developed independently and freely, without a deadline. They articulate thoughts on art and political positions in the present through situated and experimental literary writing.
Interview with Agathe Boulanger, Signe Frederiksen, Jules Lagrange.

Graphic design: Laure Giletti & Grégory Dapra.
published in May 2020
French edition
13 x 20 cm (softcover)
188 pages
ISBN : 978-2-918252-55-9
EAN : 9782918252559
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