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Clara Schulmann - Zizanies
A picaresque tale of Clara Schulmann's often collective experiences.
As she tries to collect them for an essay that she is wanting to write, voices begin interfering in Clara's Schulmann life. Voices of women, heard on the radio, in podcasts, songs, and films; voices of novelists or feminist theorists; voices of friends or of strangers overheard in the street. Like weeds, like bad seeds (what « zizanies » stands for in French), these wayward words invade her thoughts and her life, and the essay that she once had in mind unfolds in a picaresque tale full of twists and turns. Zizanies is a timely and elegant narrative that reveals Clara Schulmann as a new author whose own voice is going to matter in the years to come.
On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Paraguay creates a collection of essays and book-length interviews, published in, or translated into French. The books in this series are commissioned ones, books developed independently and freely, without a deadline. They articulate thoughts on art and political positions in the present through situated and experimental literary writing.
Graphic design: Laure Giletti & Grégory Dapra.
published in May 2020
French edition
13 x 20 cm (softcover)
204 pages
ISBN : 978-2-918252-67-2
EAN : 9782918252672
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