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Suspended spaces #04 – Le partage des oublis

Suspended spaces - Suspended spaces #04
Fourth publication by the collective Suspended spaces, which questions the connections between stories and territories, in the former Portuguese colonies in Africa, Brazil, Portugal and France.
Suspended spaces is an independent collective founded in 2007 by artists and scholars (Jan Kopp, Jacinto Lageira, Daniel Lê, Françoise Parfait and Eric Valette), based in Paris.
Contributions by Vasco Araújo, Stefanie Baumann, Paola Berenstein Jacques, Romain Bertrand, Juliette Bouveresse, Ângela Ferreira, Luciana Fina, Dilton Lopes de Almeida Júnior, Jackie-Ruth Meyer, Marie-José Mondzain, André Parente, Lúcia Ramos Monteiro, Delfim Sardo, Raquel Schefer, Susana de Sousa Dias, Éric Valette , Ana Tostões, Luiz Guilherme Vergara.

Published by Sistema Solar (Lisbonne).
published in November 2018
bilingual edition (French / Portuguese)
21 x 27cm (softcover)
494 pages (512 ill.)
ISBN : 978-989-8902-45-0
EAN : 9789898902450
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