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Corps écran

Édouard Sautai - Corps écran
This catalogue presents the artist's recent works, tackling issues related to the plasticity of space and the creation of gaze. It brings together exhibition views and photographs, an essay by Florian Gaité and an interview with Marion Guilmot.
“Édouard Sautai is a builder of space as much as an architect of the gaze. His latest exhibition at La Maréchalerie art center shows a plastic research that, for the last ten or so years, has moved from questions strictly connected to the construction of volumes and spaces to subjects more concerned with the creation of the gaze that is seized. Creating in situ, in a relationship of immediacy with the space that receives the work, returns more than ever in Édouard Sautai to propose an in visu experience for the spectator, that is, having gone through the filter of visual perception. His work consequently carries out a doubly plastic operation: the plasticity of the space—its capacity to be sculpted—responds to that of the gaze—its aptitude to be metamorphosed—in such a way that what creates a work concerns the relationship to the place experienced by the spectator more than the production that installs it.”—Florian Gaité
Published following the exhibition “CMJN/H2O”, La Maréchalerie, centre d'art contemporain, Versailles, from January 25 to March 17, 2019.
Édouard Sautai (born 1965 in Grenoble, lives and works in Vitry-sur-Seine and Canne-Ecluse) is a French artist. Graduated in 1992 from a DNSEP of the École d'art du Havre, he has participated in several exhibitions in France and abroad. Initially oriented towards constructive and architectural problems, Édouard Sautai's research extends to questions of the order of vision and point of view, through the use of processes of representation and decomposition of space in two dimensions related to the pinhole, painting or photography.
Edited by Valérie Knochel and Simon Poulain.
Text by Florian Gaité, interview with Édouard Sautai by Marion Guilmot.

Graphic design: Jeremy Glâtre.
published in March 2020
bilingual edition (English / French)
23 x 30 cm (softcover)
128 pages (72 color ill. & 22 b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-918512-16-5
EAN : 9782918512165
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