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Les capes + Wood (2 books)

Matali Crasset - Les capes + Wood (2 books)
The two books by Matali Crasset published by Shelter Press, Les capes and Wood (special offer).
Matali Crasset (born 1965 in Chalons en Champagne, lives and works in Paris) has a background in industrial design. As exemplified by one of her emblematic objets, the column of hospitality When Jim goes to Paris, Crasset questions the evidence of the codes that govern our daily life, in order to free oneself from it and to experiment. Thus she develops new typologies articulated around principles such as modularity, appropriation, flexibility, and network. Her work is characterized by the refusal of pure shape, and is thought as a dynamic research made of hypothesis. She collaborates in various fields such as handicraft, electronic music, scenography, furniture design, graphic design, and interior design. Matali Crasset spent her childhood in a small village in the north of France, in a farm where work and life were intimately bound.
published in March 2019
French edition
2 books
40.00 30.00
(special offer)
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