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Syndicat - Proof
A visual archive of the Islamic State's destruction of artifacts.
Proof is a printed visual archive composed of video screenshots from ISIS propaganda films, captured directly from the Internet. It shows how, since 2014, cultural history was physically destroyed by special units “Kata'ib Taswiya”. Proof is a documentation of the last moments of those sculptures and monuments, during and just after their collapse and destructions. Technically the book operates like a pictorial cheque book and its pages are pre-cuted, allowing the readers to tear the pages if they want to.
Sacha Léopold (born 1986) and François Havegeer (born 1987) have worked together as Syndicat since 2012. Their cross-disciplinary practice, taking in self-initiated projects as well as graphic design-based commissions, addresses issues of originality, reproduction, and reproducibility in the context of art today, using their expansive knowledge of printing and manufacturing techniques whether designing books, creating visual identities, or curating exhibitions. Syndicat has actively collaborated with contemporary artists and art centers to create one-of-a-kind visual identity programs, publications, monographs, and artists' books, leading in 2015 to the creation of Empire, their own publishing imprint. Alongside their design activities, they have curated several exhibitions exploring printing techniques process.
published in December 2018
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21,5 x 28,6 cm (softcover, pre-cut sheets)
96 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 979-10-95991-12-0
EAN : 9791095991120
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Proof Proof Proof Proof

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