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Cœur Synthétique

Cœur Synthétique Lori Hersberger - Cœur Synthétique
The extensive monograph offers an overview of the work by Swiss artist, concentrating on the last five years. Colour treatment and staging of the picture are the two essential parameters of his attitude. His technique of mixing serigraphy, fluorescent colour, reproduction and direct intervention on the images conceive the artist's book and are genuine to his installations. Accumulation and fragmentation, manierism, violence, and refinement co-exist both in Hersbergers' installations, paintings and books.
Since the beginning of his career, Lori Hersberger (*1964) has been alternately working with painting, architecture, and video. In all these media, the experimentation with color and the shaping of form were at the heart of his practice. Recently, by using mirrors, fluorescent inks, and day-glo colors, he was trying to further expand his approach to color: sprayed, dripped, or applied with sponges, colors penetrate the surroundings or squirt the mirrors lying on the floor—they go beyond the frame of the pictural, from an all-over to an “all-around” gesture.
Texts by Mirjam Varadinis, Angelika Stepken, Karl Schawelka and Annemarie Reichen.

Published in collaboration with Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris/Salzburg.
published in 2005
bilingual edition (English / German)
24 x 28,6 cm
216 pages, colour serigraphies reproductions
ISBN : 978-3-905701-43-2
EAN : 9783905701432
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Cœur Synthétique Cœur Synthétique Cœur Synthétique

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