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Remainder (vinyl LP + CD)

Schneider TM - Remainder (vinyl LP + CD)
Original motion picture soundtrack by Schneider TM for Omer Fast's acclaimed first feature film Remainder. A heuristic creative approach characterised the collaboration between Omer Fast and Schneider TM, where music and images beautifully intertwined in a compelling sonic structure.
“Composition was about shared moments, a steady process of improvisation and interaction. They watched Remainder on loop until the sounds they were creating were an equal partner to the other aspects of the film and the life of its characters. Omer Fast describes the music as possessing the capacity to step into the gaps of a room, in between his characters who have somehow lost their own connection with society.”
From the extensive liner notes by Thomas Venker.
Schneider TM is a multidimensional music project of Dirk Dresselhaus, named after his nickname Schneider, which oscillates extensively between adventurous electronic pop-music and experimental, sometimes improvised free-form music, while occasionally bringing these and other opposing elements together. Since the late 80's, Dirk Dresselhaus has been active in different musical fields. From 1989 until 1997 he played and sang in adventurous rock and pop bands like Hip Young Things and Locust Fudge (both on Glitterhouse Records) before he became more active in electronic music around 1996. Schneider TM is responsible for a couple of experimental electro-freak-pop albums (on City Slang / Mute) including underground-hits like Reality Check, Frogtoise and a cover version of a song by The Smiths called The Light 3000, a collaboration with Kptmichigan that was hugely acclaimed by the alternative media like John Peel, The Wire, etc. Schneider TM has been credited as one of the main inventors of a music genre called Indietronic or Indietronica.
Text by Thomas Venker.

Artwork by Omer Fast.
published in March 2018
180grm virgin vinyl + CD
19 tracks (35'04)
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