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Attilio Pierelli -
Reference monograph, with introductions by Marcel Joray, Giuseppe Arcidiacono, and a text by the artist.
Also available in bilingual edition Italian / French.
Attilio Pierelli was born in Sasso di Serra San Quirico, Ancona, Italy, in 1924. At fourteen, his family moves to Rome. In 1936 he starts working as an apprentice in various capacities and in 1939 gets a diploma as odontotechnician, while attending evening courses at a classical High School. A self-made man, he starts his career as a sculptor in the '50's. He meets and knows most of the artists, art historians, art gallery owners of the Roman artistic scene of those years, such as Emilio Villa, Giulio Carlo Argan, Giuseppe Marchiori, Carlo Scarpa, Lucio Fontana, Dino Gavina, Gasparo del Corso, Irene Brin, Cesare Vivaldi, Filiberto Menna, Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco, Palma Bucarelli. To this period belong the first specoular sculptures, the result of his studies in science and the theory of relativity, particularly the concept of space in cosmology. In his aesthetic research, Pierelli attains outstanding achievements in the field of plastic arts, representing in his sculptures concepts such as space in the fourth dimension, curved space and extreme surfaces. Since 1963, along with large scale sculptures, such as can be admired today in the Second University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Pierelli produces jewels always inspired to his major achievements: among his jewels, T.E.S.T. (events traction in space-time), in silver, has become since 1985 the symbol, and first prize for papers submitted to the International Astrophysics Meeting "Marcel Grossman". In 1987 Pierelli founds his own artistic movement, Dimensionalism, with two exhibitions, one in Rome, the other in Spoleto, Umbria. Pierelli is the author of poems and articles on hyperspace, as well as lectures on art and science, art and psychology, art and society. His works are exhibited in major art galleries around the world, the latest being a personal exhibition at Stuttgard, Germany, 1990, and at Kyoto, Japan in 1991. In 1993 Pierelli opens his own permanent exhibition in the Pierelli Museum of Hypersculptures in Bomarzo, Lazio, Italy. The Museum is an important structure in the Project for a Virtual Museum realized by the Department of Contemporary Art at the First Rome University "La Sapienza". Attilio Pierelli dies in Rome on January 2013.
Text by Marcel Joray, Giuseppe Arcidiacono and Attilio Pierelli.
published in 1983
bilingual edition (English / German)
24 x 30 cm (hardcover, cloth binding, dust jacket)
136 pages (10 color & 67 b/w ill.)
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