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Magritte, le groupe surréaliste de Bruxelles, Rupture (1926-1938)L'anthologie sonore de l'avant-garde en Belgique 1917-1978 – Volume 2 (CD)

 - Magritte, le groupe surréaliste de Bruxelles, Rupture (1926-1938)
Second volume of the ultimate collection of archives of all the avant-garde in Belgium from Magritte to Broodthaers, from James Ensor to Christian Dotremont.
In this second volume, dedicated to the Brussels Surrealist Group (1926), you could hear rare documents including the voice of Magritte explaining why it's impossible to answer to the questions of journalists...
As a nucleus started forming in 1924 around Magritte, Nougé, Lecomte, etc., dissension arose, spawning Correspondance (1924-26)—extensively documented in Volume 1—and the editorial activities of Magritte and Mesens: the only issue of Oesophage (1925), obviously influenced by Dada (Schwitters was a contributor), and then Marie (1926-27). Distances (1928) will finally bring together all the main forces from Brussels and abroad...
Edited by Guy Marc Hinant.
published in 2006
CD + 2 bilingual booklets (English / French)
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