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In Wood We Trust

Les Frères Chapuisat - In Wood We Trust
Artist's book / catalogue.
Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Le Buisson Maudit” by the Chapuisat Brothers at Maubuisson Abbay, France, from March to November 2013.

See also Les Frères Chapuisat – Erratique.
Les Frères Chapuisat (Chapuisat Brothers) received an artistic education abroad for a number of years before ending up in Switzerland in 2001, where their contrasting experiences led them to develop an interest in spatial studies. Their constructions transform space, turning interior and exterior boundaries inside out and toying with the perception of a subjective reality. They demand visitors' active participation, putting them into the position of being an explorer. These environments break down visual and intellectual habits, testing the explorers and obliging them to trust in their senses. Often compared to cocoons or burrows, these installations harbour striking powers. They provoke ambiguous emotional reactions in visitors, like dreams which mingle curiosity, surprise and discomfort.
Texts by Estelle Dorsaz, Emmanuelle Lequeux, Arthur de Pury.
Illustrations by Sacha Goerg.

Published by TATSA.
published in February 2014
bilingual edition (English / French)
17 x 23 cm (softcover)
176 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-9700900-1-4
EAN : 9782970090014
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In Wood We Trust In Wood We Trust In Wood We Trust In Wood We Trust In Wood We Trust
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