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Cura. #15 – Fall 2013

 - Cura. #15
Conversations, texts, labs, projects and contributions by about twenty international artists, curators and critics, linked together by the subtle fil rouge of fiction, narration and story-telling.
Part I – Curating includes articles, essays and conversations about the practice of exhibition making, between authorship and chorality: Lorenzo Benedetti continues his series of Portraits in the exhibition space with an enquiry on Frederick Kiesler's ‘endless exhibition', conceived as a constant dialogue between art, theatre and architecture; Vincent Honoré interviews Zasha Colah and Sumesh Sharma of Clark House Initiative about their collective curatorial experiment in the city of Bombay; and Jean-Max Colard explores the multifaceted relationship between exhibition and novel.
In Part II – Exploring David Douard dialogues with Ruba Katrib about the mutating influences of his practice, where cinema, literature and television coexist; Nicolas Deshayes and Isobel Harbison discuss on materiality and immateriality; Cecilia Canziani reads Andrea Büttner's works looking at them ‘through a mirror, dimly'; Magali Reus answers to Nicoletta Lambertucci's questions around body and surface; within the series The exhibition room curators Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk (accompanied by France Fiction's visual commentaries) and Valentinas Klimašauskas propose their reflection on the “fiction on display” and on human and non-human communication.
Emerging artists such as Jimmy Limit (author of the cover), N. Dash, and B. Ingrid Olson present their new special projects, introduced respectively by Christopher Schreck, Matthew Higgs, and Andrew Blackley, while The Ptohograhpies project shows the fictitious skin of everyday objects.

Cura.magazine is a platform for contemporary art based in Rome that investigates with an independent spirit today's artistic production, art's emerging scene and the borders that have marked its central moments, through collaborations with international artists and curators, who live in different areas of the world. It has a production of three issues per year.
The platform is also an editorial structure (Cura.books), publishing a series of artist's books (see the corresponding page in the publishers section).
published in October 2013
English edition
20,5 x 28,5 cm (softcover)
160 pages (color ill.)
sold out

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