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May #06 – Paul Thek

 - May #06
The 6th issue of May focuses on a selection of writings about the artist Paul Thek (1933-1988): Paul Sztulman, Paul Thek, A Fish Out of Water / Marietta Franke, “I don't want to give myself to trash...” / Antek Walczak, Povera Today / Chris Kraus, You are Invited to be the Last Tiny Creature / Nicolas Ceccaldi, Jana Euler, “Form Follows Information Exchange” / David Lieske, new york report / Mike Bouchet, limited edition / visual insert: Michaela Eichwald.
Conceived as a collective space in which to develop thoughts and confront positions on artistic production, May magazine examines, once a year, contemporary art practice and theory in direct engagement with the issues, contexts and strategies that construct these two fields. An approach that could be summed up as critique at work – or as critique actively performed in text and art forms alike.
Featuring essays, interviews, art works and reviews by artists, writers and diverse practitioners of the arts, the magazine also intends to address the economy of the production of knowledge – the starting point of this reflection being the space of indistinction between information and advertisment typical of our time. This implies a dialogue with forms of critique produced in other fields.
published in April 2011
texts in English and French
17,5 x 24 cm (softcover)
176 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-95355-905-7
EAN : 9782953559057
sold out
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