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Roven #05 – Spring-Summer 2011

Roven  - Roven #05
Drawing and erotism (edited by Johana Carrier and Danielle Orhan: artistic contribution by Camille Henrot, texts by Danielle Orhan, Janig Begoc on performance and drawing issues, David Le Simple on Julien Carreyn and Antoine Marquis, Fanny Drugeon on Killoffer, interview with Camille Henrot), interview with Vija Celmins, photograph and drawing by Catherine Macchi de Vilhena, portfolio by Tudi Deligne, Daniel Nadaud by Kathy Alliou, Marine Pagès by Clément Dirié, Corin Sworn by Vincent Romagny, Chris Johanson by Anaïs Lepage, focus on a watercolor by Dürer, by Thomas Golsenne, analysis of a text by Charles Ephrussi, by Hélène de Givry, drawing, memory and writing by Bertrand Schefer, unpublished drawings by Roni Horn, Léa Mayer, collection MCS by Joana Neves, selection of books by Peter Soriano, artistic contributions by Scoli Acosta, Camille Henrot, Alexandre Hollan and Caroline Sagot Duvauroux, Tudi Deligne, Olufemi Sanyaolu.
Roven is a critical magazine devoted to contemporary drawing, structured around numerous monographic and thematical texts, a portfolio by one emerging artist, some interviews, and a creative section of unpublished works.
Roven also publishes monographic books (see the publishers section).
published in March 2011
French edition
21 x 26 cm (softcover)
128 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-918450-04-7
EAN : 9782918450047
in stock
Roven Roven Roven Roven Roven Roven Roven Roven Roven Roven Roven

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