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Materialien (C)A 40 Bochum Dükerweg

Peter Piller - Materialien (C)
Photographic portrait of the near surroundings of Ruhrschnellweg, freeway 40 in Bochum, Dükerweg with allotments, car tuning, cemetery, Burger King, noise barrier and fire station.
Published on the occasion of the project B1 | A40. Die Schönheit der großen Straße ("The beauty of the high road"), which involved about 15 international artists.
Peter Piller (born 1968, Fritzlar, Germany) studied German language and literature and trained as a visual artist. His approach to photography, based largely on an enourmous amount of collected and archived photographs, is striking and unique.
Edited by Christoph Keller.
published in August 2010
no text
15,5 x 20,5 (softcover)
62 pages (48 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-905714-84-5
EAN : 9783905714845
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Materialien (C) Materialien (C) Materialien (C) Materialien (C) Materialien (C)
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