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Everything must go

Jim Shaw - Everything must go
With a Jim Shaw interview by Mike Kelley, texts by Doug Harvey, Amy Gerstler, Noëllie Roussel and Fabrice Stroun.
Jim Shaw (born 1952 in Midland, Michigan, lives and works in Los Angeles) is an atypical figure in the Californian art world, sharing with Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley a similar desire to produce an immersive visual oeuvre aimed at exploring the dark side of the American psyche.
Co-edited with Le Casino Luxembuurg and Smart Art Press (Santa Monica).
published in 1999
bilingual edition (English / French)
21 x 25.5 cm
128 pages (79 colour & 43 b/w reproductions)
ISBN : 978-2-919893-23-2
EAN : 9782919893232
sold out
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