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Amalia Vargas - De la colle
A series of photographs of traces of glue on city walls, testifying to what has been posted/hung there (artist's book).
Glue decorates city walls. Thick and bulky, it is initially used to attach a sign or poster.
Over time, the object—and its pragmatic information - fell, making visible the purely functional gesture taking the form of an anonymous drawing, a trace, close to graffiti.
From France to Italy, via Germany, Hungary, Romania as well as Ukraine and Georgia, this series of crosses, points, waves, zigzags and other quirks leaves room for gesture and form which become a universal language: anywhere, walls can tell us sensitive stories.
Amalia Vargas is a French artist whose practice revolves around objects and artifacts belonging to the everyday collective landscape—whether folklore and tradition or mass culture and consumerism. Her sculptures and assemblages hijack, combine, distort and vandalize common, ready-to-use objects.
published in January 2024
French edition
21 x 29,7 cm (softcover)
136 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 972-2-37751-071-9
EAN : 9722377510719
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