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Wir sind die feder in des schreibers hand, wohin wir gehen, ist uns nicht bekannt

Farkhondeh Shahroudi - Wir sind die feder in des schreibers hand, wohin wir gehen, ist uns nicht bekannt
The first monographic overview publication of the work of Iranian artist Farkhondeh Shahroudi.
The publication contains a selection of Shahroudi's works from 1990 to 2022. The focus of the selection is on the works in which poetry and language interact. Her artworks are scripted with drawings and stitched three-dimensional collages, which are transformed into textile, collage-like morphs floating in space. They don't appear chronologically, but rather in dialogue with the works themselves and following the writings, scoping out various aspects of her oeuvre.
For the last thirty years, Farkhondeh Shahroudi has been working with different artistic forms—poetry / automatic writing / onomatopoeia, drawings, installations, soft sculpture, performance, and photography. During these years, she has gradually separated herself from the two-dimensional canvas and delved into the spatial exploration of heterotopias, only to recently return to large-scale drawings that evoke her fantastical world of imagination, composed of small black felt pen strokes. In all these forms, language and writing are present on all levels up to the performative.
We are no more then the pen in a writer's hand, where we go, we do not know, quote by the Sufi Poet Rumi, serves as the title of this monograph. With this title the unconscious flow of artistic expression in both text and texture of Shahroudi's work is accentuated. In this book, six authors have been invited to publish a text on her work. All of them have been closely involved with Shahroudi's work over different periods of her practice.
Farkhondeh Shahroudi (born 1962 in Teheran) is an Iranian artist based in Berlin. Shahroudi's work, in which drawings, poems and language form an essential part, is as poetic as it is political. The line from which she forms signs and words—regardless of their respective language—also makes a leap to become the thread binding together her sculptures sewn out of fabric fragments. Three-dimensional collages, as well as works in the public space and performances, complement Shahroudi's graphic and poetic oeuvre.
Farkhondeh Shahroudi was awarded the Hannah Höch Förderpreis 2022.
Edited by Pauline Doutreluingne.
Contributions by Angelika Stepken, Jenny Graser, Pauline Doutreluingne, Alma-Elisa Kittner, Alessandra Tempesti.

Graphic design: Aziza Ahmad.
published in November 2023
trilingual edition (English / German / Persian)
22,6 x 29,7 cm (relié)
256 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-949973-18-5
EAN : 9783949973185
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