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Agnès Thurnauer -
Reference monograph.
This publication encompasses the last twenty years of Agnès Thurnauer's practice, weaving together her different series and major exhibitions, as well as showing how the conceptual cogency of her work is achieved through a rejection of style, and a free vision of painting conceived not as a figurative/abstract device, but as a means to give representation to questions related to art, politics, the body, and self-investigation—so to speak "painting in the expanded field."
Newly commissioned essays by American art critic and curator Dean Daderko, Musée Picasso's President Cécile Debray, and French cultural writer Elisabeth Lebovici, as well as an introduction by editor Clément Dirié, offer new perspectives on the artist's oeuvre, while an extensive conversation with Italian curator Lorenzo Benedetti reflects on Thurnauer's breadth of thinking about her own practice and art in general.
One of the most recognized artistic voices of the French contemporary art scene, French-Swiss artist Agnès Thurnauer (born 1962 in Paris) has built an innovative body of work since the mid-1990s. She primarily explores language (words, meaning, reciprocity) through her paintings, sculptures, and installations. In her practice, writing is often incorporated in the picture—in many different expressive ways—and even when it is not, the allusive power released by the subject places the viewer within art history or contemporary concerns as in the endlessly renewed emancipation of their own reading and thinking. The visual quality of language is also tested in three dimensions with her sculptures made of casts of letters on different scales, permitting the involvement of both the gaze and the body.
Edited by Clément Dirié.
Texts by Dean Daderko, Cécile Debray, Elisabeth Lebovici.
Conversation with Lorenzo Benedetti.
Foreword by Clément Dirié.
published in November 2023
English edition
23,7 x 28,6 cm (softcover)
168 pages (140 ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-03764-602-1
EAN : 9783037646021
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