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BiomorphismeApproches sensibles et conceptuelles des formes du vivant

 - Biomorphisme
A collective and transdisciplinary publication to address the question of the forms of the living in its scientific, philosophical, artistic and aesthetic dimension, engaging a systematic reflection on our relation to the living and to its forms, and on their theoretical and practical significance with regard to the current world.
Edited by David Romand, Julien Bernard, Sylvie Pic, Jean Arnaud.
Contributions by Jean Arnaud, Pierre Baumann, Julien Bernard, Luciano Boi, Peter Briggs, Xavier Caubit, Amélie de Beauffort, Nathalie Delprat, Karin Graff, Edward Juler, Carlos Lobo, Fabrice Métais, Maël Montevil, Daniel Papillon, Julie Pelletier, Sylvie Pic, David Romand, Barbara Sarreau, Stéphane Schmitt, Teruhisa Suzuki.
published in April 2023
French edition
17 x 24 cm (softcover)
462 pages (150 ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37440-166-9
EAN : 9782374401669
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