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ReCoder SOUND (vinyl LP)

Stefan Römer - ReCoder SOUND (vinyl LP)
The third release on Corvo Records by sound researcher and conceptualist Stefan Römer, a soundtrack for one of his experimental films as well as a new addition to his meta project "Deconceptualize".
"Spread out over twelve tracks and a total of 30 minutes with contributions by famed figures such as Daniel Door, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and others Römer constructs his compositions from both samples taken from the original experimental short film and its main protagonist Reco, her supposed thoughts and thought processes, minimalist electronic additions as well as from precisely chosen and evaluated #irl Field Recordings, for the most part arranged in a dry, cut-up and almost documentary fashion from what seems to be an outsider perspective with the exception of the highly seductive lo-fi SynthPop bang0r 'Reco Song', the Clicks'n'Cuts-infused mechanical Post-Industrial Electronica abstractions of 'Noise ReCoder' as well as the Fraktus-inspired ElectroPop cut 'Sex Practice Is Text Practice' which might move some proper ass on lo-fi friendly underground dancefloors. Probably more accessible for a wider audience in its original visual context, yet an interesting release nontheless."
— baze.djunkiii, Nitestyles

"Is there a difference between electric and electronic when it comes to music? Maybe the former mostly refers to a mode of amplifying signals, whereas the latter names a means of production? It's axiomatic, but it works, especially if we dust ourselves off from the dirt of the digital and revisit a protean moment of electronic music as Stefan Römer does on his ReCode SOUND, a soundtrack for a movie that is loosely based on another movie, in which no less than the likes of William S. Burroughs and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge once acted alongside one another in the German cult hit, Decoder (1984).
It feels strangely appropriate to be writing this on Halloween, as Römer's latest work is a haunted one, its business of reanimating the voices and characters of early electronic pioneers in the form of collaged tape music is the closest we come to a contemporary ghost tale. Römer's source material is both the fertile underground of the 80s and the arid landscape of conceptual art that preceded—possible even predicted—its arrival.
The tributary of Römer's work is acutely self-aware, borrowing equally from the recorded voice, field recordings of footsteps on Carl Andre's prosaic sculpture, and the now completely annihilated idea of a counter-culture out of which something like Decoder could come into being. I'm not sure if Römer shares my skepticism, but the revival of earlier moments feels forced at times, particularly in the two pieces in which the artist sings, 'Reco Song', and 'Sex Practice is Text Practice', the latter of which intentionally elides 'praxis' and 'practice' in the track's lyrics. This linguistic trick recalls the content of the album's first track, 'Voice ReCoder', in which we hear the famous opening lines from 'The Communist Manifesto'—'a spectre is haunting Europe'—this is our ghost, but it is entirely unclear if there is anything more than haunting—reality is much scarier than fiction. It is a clever substitution, reframing the means of production within the technologies of electronic music production, these devices are the new factories of alienated labour.
It helps to have this background into Römer's practice (praxis?), for without it, you might just be duped into thinking ReCode SOUND is as earnest as so many other electro-revivals. For fans of electronic music history, and for those sci-fi romantics who still believe a good haunting can scare the bejesus out of us."
— Colin Lang, musiquemachine
Produced as hand numbered, limited edition of 100 copies LP within Stefan Römer's exhibition project DeConceptualize - the project.

Composition, concept and production: Stefan Römer.
Voice ReCoder: Daniel Door, Alessandra Eramo, Jasmine Guffond, Julia Miranda, Cosey Müller, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Isabella Pedersen, Stefan Römer.

Stefan Römer (born 1960 in Katzenelnbogen, Germany) works as an artist and art theorist. He initiated the political activist art collective "FrischmacherInnen" in Cologne (1993–2000), was awarded the AdKV Prize for Art Criticism in 2000, and has held professorships at various art institutes. Since 1981, he has not only been a vegetarian, but also combines an ecological and ethical awareness in his art. In addition to his film Conceptual Paradise (2006) he developed an extensive web archive at the ZKM-website. 
Stefan Römer's works are known for their deconstructivist approach to image, sound and text, combining various working methods of lense-based, time-based and performative practices. Römer uses the term "de-conceptual" to define his transmedial fusion of Conceptualism and Deconstructivism with postpanoptic, feminist and postcolonial practices. His de-conceptualization of art formulates a new kind of artistic REALsearch, by means of a multi-layered critique of prevailing discourses.
Vinyl cut: Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle.

Graphic design: Dirk Lebahn.
published in October 2022
yellow vinyl
in stock

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