Lionel Marchetti

Lionel Marchetti is a French composer of concrete music and improviser (electronics, various analogic systems with modified speakers, REVOX reel-to-reel recorder…) as well as a visual-sound artist, a writer and a poet. Whether his music is composed or improvised the body has an important role (Lionel Marchetti danced with the university company Relyanse between 1986 and 1991).

Lionel Marchetti - La grande vallée / Micro-climat (vinyl LP)
Recollection GRM / Portraits GRM - Recollection GRM
sold out
Two essentiel works of musique concrète commissioned for and and realised at the GRM by Lionel Marchetti during the mid ‘90s.
Lionel Marchetti - Le Diable ermite - Augiéras (CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
Compositions and epistolary improvisations, in tribute to the writer François Augiéras.
Lionel Marchetti - Adèle et Hadrien - Le livre des vacances (2 CD)
Optical Sound
A piece of concrete music based on voices of children of Lionel Marchetti's family, recorded in familiar holiday places.
Lionel Marchetti - La musique concrète de Michel Chion
French edition
Art centers, museums, galleries & varia
sold out
A journey into the universe of one of the most original composers in the field of the concrete music.

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