Richard Tuttle

Born 1941 in Rahway, New Jersey, Richard Dean Tuttle lives and works in New Mexico and New York. His work spans a range of media, from sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking and artist's books to installation and furniture. During the 1980s, Richard Tuttle began experimenting with materials and framing devices to probe art's relationship to scale, form and systems of display. Diverting from the cold precision of Minimalist his approach to art making embraces a playful and handmade quality that promotes the idea that things are always "just beginning". Often made out of humble materials such as plywood, cardboard, Styrofoam and paper, his work pushes the viewer to find forms of appreciation that aren't related to craftsmanship. In his own words, Tuttle proclaims that he loves materials, and at the same time is not really interested in them. The subtlety of this paradigm exemplifies his attitude towards art as a tool for life and an activity of sublimation engrossed in language and story telling.
Richard Tuttle - Stories I-XX
English edition
Discover Richard Tuttle as story teller and writer: first publication of 44 short stories by the artist paired with 22 sculptural works from the "Stories" Series.
Richard Tuttle - The Role of the Story Teller
English edition
Richard Tuttle and color.
Richard Tuttle - Prints
English edition
JRP|Editions - Monographs
sold out
The first-ever comprehensive publication dedicated to the prints of Richard Tuttle (retrospective monograph).
Richard Tuttle - Five by Seven - Nine Works by Richard Tuttle
Yvon Lambert - Monographs and artists' books
sold out
Five by seven, nine works by Richard Tuttle for Yvon Lambert.

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