Joan Rabascall

Joan Rabascall (born in Barcelona in 1935) lives in Paris. His work has been shown internationally, in Centre Pompidou, Paris, in Metropolitan Museum, New York, among others.
Joan Rabascall - La leçon de peinture catalane / La llicó de pintura catalana
bilingual edition (French / Catalan)
Jannink - Wide Open
Publication based on the eponymous series of works (“The Catalan painting lesson”, a devious and ironic presentation of traditional standards of academic painting), with an interview and commissioned essays by Brigitte Léal and Pierre Restany.
Joan Rabascall - Paisatge – TV
bilingual edition (French / Spanish)
Jannink - L'art en écrit
A text by Rabascall on the relationship between real, pictorial and TV landscapes, whose layout refers to media imagery on which Spanish artist has worked for over thirty years.
Joan Rabascall - My Collection
trilingual edition (English / French / Japanese)
Jannink - Wide Open
This artist's book presents a series of works by Joan Rabascall realized in small plastic TV screens, parodying the kitsch of TV series: a playful journey with the popular culture icons of the XXth century. Full colors photos are accompanied by a text by Masashi Ogura, evoking the determining place of the small screen in Japanese culture.

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