Olivier Nottellet

Born 1963 in Alger, Olivier Nottellet lives and works in Toulouse, Paris and New-York.

(external link : www.oliviernottellet.com)
Olivier Nottellet - 1999-2017 (2 vol.)
bilingual edition (English / French, text in Spanish)
Art centers, museums, galleries & varia
Two-volume monograph including a retrospective publication and a sketchbook. This edition highlights Nottellet's double activity as an illustrator and an installation artist, and features four texts offering various approaches of the artist's work as well as an understanding of his evolution throughout a career that started in the 1990s.
Olivier Nottellet -
bilingual edition (English / French)
Analogues - Monographs
Monograph on French artist, with texts, interview and biography.
Olivier Nottellet - Dommage et Intérêt
French edition
Florence Loewy
Artist's book (b/w drawings, sequenced by fluorescent yellow pages).

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