Alison Knowles

Alison Knowles (born 1933 in New York City) is an artist, poet and composer and one of the mainstays of Fluxus and the 1960s experimental New York scene. Her work is founded in conviviality, participation and the disappearance of the author. She had a pioneering role in the fields of computergenerated poetry and artists' books and has composed numerous event scores which serve as "recipes for action." She was also the co-editor of Notations, a book of manuscripts of scores compiled with John Cage (Something Else Press, 1969).

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Alison Knowles - Sounds from the Book of Bean (vinyl LP)
The first vinyl LP release from Fluxus pioneer Alison Knowles (remastered edition transferred from original tapes, with an expansive 20-page booklet).

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