Alessandro Pessoli

Alessandro Pessoli (born 1963 in Cervia, Italy) lives and works in Los Angeles. His practice is typically multimedia in nature, focusing on drawing, painting and sculpture, while also favoring ceramic. Often underscored by themes spanning politics, religion, history, culture, and identity, his research recalls the theme of the sacred and the religious, emerging both from the resumption of historical figures, classical art-historical iconography, and everyday images which intermingle in a reconstruction of reality that is dreamlike, painful, and sometimes grotesque, but never lacking instinctive emotion.
Alessandro Pessoli - Testa Cristiana
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
Lenz Press
A project for which Alessandro Pessoli brings together some previously created pieces and others made specifically for the spaces of the Cloisters of Sant'Eustorgio.
Alessandro Pessoli - Autobiography
English edition
Tonini Editore
Autobiography by Alessandro Pessoli is a mix of drawings and written words created specifically for the publication. The handwritten texts belong from some of the songs the artist is used to listen while at work.
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