Benjamin Bondonneau

Benjamin Bondonneau (born in 1975 in Sarlat) is a French artist and clarinetist active on the free improvisation scene. He has collaborated with Daunik Lazro, Michel Doneda, Barre Phillips, Lê Quan Ninh, Raymond Boni, David Chiesa, Benjamin Maumus, Sébastien Cirotteau, François Rossé, Fabrice Charles, Géraldine Keller, Raphaël Saint-Remy...

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Benjamin Bondonneau - Le Diable ermite - Augiéras (CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
Compositions and epistolary improvisations, in tribute to the writer François Augiéras.
Benjamin Bondonneau - Ville sauvage (2 CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
Vast cross-composition by Jean-Yves Bosseur and Benjamin Bondonneau created for the Bordeaux ensemble le Un. A wild thought towards Claude Lévi-Strauss and his notion of "bricolage".
Benjamin Bondonneau - Comité Zaoum - Épisode 1 (CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
Concert by the improviser quartet recorded in public on September 22, 2018 at the Romanesque church in Vézac (France).
Benjamin Bondonneau - Phonolithes - Autour de Roger Caillois 2014-2015 (CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
Performances of clarinet solo around the work of Roger Caillois & graphic scores (with Maurice Benhamou, Jean-Yves Bosseur, Michel Doneda, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Jonas Kocher, Ly Than Tien, Christian Rosset, and Matthieu Saladin).
Benjamin Bondonneau - RadioDordogne#1 - Prises de son, 2014 (CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
RadioDordogne#1 is a vast montage of sound recordings made by the sound cartographers in 2014 for the web radio RadioDordogne. Sound heritage, readings, landscapes, archives, musical creations are intertwined to propose six radio pieces for listening.
Benjamin Bondonneau - Arr Suite - Avec Jean Degottex, 2012-2013 (booklet + CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
The series of "Papiers Ouverts" by Jean Degottex (1918-1978) created in 1974 and poems by Maurice Benhamou fed the improvisations of the two musicians. Ghosts, ruins, stars, rubble ... punctuate this work recorded in Belgium, Monos gallery.
Benjamin Bondonneau - Géographie utopique - Créations Musique - Peinture - Cinéma au Domaine de Certes, Audenge, Gironde, 2010-2011 (CD / DVD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
A musical, pictorial and cinematographic journey, as many sensitive interpretations of the domain of Certes in Gironde. Through the prism of Ernest Valeton de Boissière, inventor of the place and transmitter of the social utopias of the 19th century.
Benjamin Bondonneau - L\'arbre ouvert - Portraits picturaux et sonores d\'arbres de Dordogne, hiver 2009-2010 (booklet + CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
Free improvisations and phonographies in the forest, bundles of sounds, armfuls of dead leaves, arboreal rhythms, chestnut blasts.
Benjamin Bondonneau - Humus (CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
An improvised performance with Benjamin Bondonneau (clarinet), David Chiesa (double bass), Didier Lasserre (drums), Daunik Lazro (baritone saxophone) and Laurent Sassi (sound).
Benjamin Bondonneau - Dordogne (2 CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
A sound navigation along the entire Dordogne river, from the Mont Dore to the Bec d'Ambès.
Benjamin Bondonneau - La dentelle des dents (CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
Free improvisations in solo clarinet.

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