Noa Yafe

Born 1978 in Israel, Noa Yafe lives and works in Tel Aviv. The photographic itself is the subject of her work—she makes it into a thing, literally. Yafe dioramas look like straightforward photos on display, but they are actually photographs of a different kind, operating between the illusion that reconstructs an image, the appearance of a photograph, and its material analysis. With the same inventive spirit that drove early attempts at mechanical photography almost two centuries ago, Yafe reflects in the most poignant way on the possibility of an image to appear. Her work operates at the forefront of contemporary digital photography even as it explores other, more manual ways of creating pictures. It highlights the convergence of image and event, photo and object, production and display. Treating sculptural installations as image-making devices, Yafe immerses the viewer in beauty and fiction, mise-en-scène and glam, spirituality and light.
Noa Yafe - Beyond the Distance – A Distance
English edition
Mousse - Mousse Publishing (books)
An overview of the Israeli artist's photographic production.

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