Ben Patterson

A radical musician and artist, Ben Patterson (1934, Pittsburgh - 2016, Wiesbaden) is one of the founders of Fluxus.
Ben Patterson - The Lost Tape & The Three Required Musics (vinyl LP)
Edition Telemark
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LP featuring a recording of the search for a lost tape by musician Ben Patterson, with the help of editor Stefan Fricke and composer hans w. koch. This 1960 lost tape acts a symbolical archive, since it documents Patterson's pre-Fluxus period. Having failed to find it, tehy decided to recreate the recording with a score from this period. The reconstructed track is on the record's B side. This edition includes liner notes, and selected documents chronicling the search.
Ben Patterson - Methods & Processes
Incertain Sens - Artist's books and editions
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The reprint of the publication pioneer in the artistic experimentations of the 1960s, published by the artist in 1962 (leporello).

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