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The Lost Tape & The Three Required Musics (vinyl LP)

Ben Patterson - The Lost Tape & The Three Required Musics (vinyl LP)
LP featuring a recording of the search for a lost tape by musician Ben Patterson, with the help of editor Stefan Fricke and composer Hans W. Koch. This 1960 lost tape acts a symbolical archive, since it documents Patterson's pre-Fluxus period. Having failed to find it, tehy decided to recreate the recording with a score from this period. The reconstructed track is on the record's B side. This edition includes liner notes, and selected documents chronicling the search.
“Radiophonic minutes of the search for a probably lost tape piece, and a reconstruction thereof with real instruments.” Produced by Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting Corporation), Germany, in 2015.
When future Fluxus artist Ben Patterson (1934–2016) traveled to Germany in 1960 in order to study with Karlheinz Stockhausen, he brought along a tape piece that he had produced in Hugh Le Caine's electronic studio in Canada and that he wanted to show to Stockhausen. They met briefly in the context of the World Music Days of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) in Cologne, but Patterson immediately sensed that their aesthetic ambitions and viewpoints differed too much, and in the end, he didn't even present him his piece. Instead, his attention was drawn to the Contre Festival at Mary Bauermeister's studio, a counter event to the ISCM festival presenting works by George Brecht, La Monte Young, John Cage, a.o. Virtually overnight, Patterson's aesthetic thinking changed radically, and the cornerstone was laid for his coming role within the Fluxus movement.
In 2013, Stefan Fricke, editor for new music at Hessischer Rundfunk, approached Patterson about a broadcast of that old tape piece. Patterson didn't know its whereabouts, so Fricke and him together with Cologne-based composer Hans W. Koch set out for a journey through Patterson's large collection of tapes, some labeled, some unlabeled, sometimes the labels not matching the contents. The journey was recorded with Patterson inserting and ejecting various cassettes, always commenting on what was being heard. In the end, the electronic piece couldn't be found, so it was decided to re-record it using various toys, instruments, and small devices. For the new recording, Patterson brought a score titled “The Three Required Musics” which he considered to be related to the tape piece and which required preparatory work in the form of cutting out colored pieces of paper and pasting them into a time grid.
This LP contains the recording of the search on side A and the new recording of the score on side B. It is presented in a full-color sleeve showing a detail of Hans W. Koch's paper time grid, with liner notes by Stefan Fricke and Hans W. Koch, and two inserts: the first containing the original score “The Three Required Musics” with new notes by Ben Patterson, the other reproducing Koch's complete paper score in A2 format.
Limited edition of 300 copies.
Ben Patterson (1934-2016) was a composer, musician and artist affiliated with Fluxus. He settled in Cologne in 1960, where he was active in the contemporary music scene and created some of his early seminal works. He then worked with George Maciunas in organizing the historic 1962 Fluxus Festival in Wiesbaden and his works continued to be an important presence at Fluxus events until the late 1960s. After some decades in the US working in art administration, in 1989 he returned to Europe, creating a vast repository of scores, paintings, and sculptures. He has exhibited or performed widely around the world.
Texts by Stefan Fricke, Ben Patterson, Hans W. Koch.
published in September 2018
full-color sleeve vinyl LP + inserts
2 tracks (21'05 / 19'56)
in stock

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