Laura Mannelli

Laura Mannelli is an architect and visual artist, developing immersive experiences described as Atopic Architectures [in]between real and virtual spaces. She has exhibited in such events as the Parisian Nuit Blanche, the Festival accès)s( in Pau, and institutions such as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Grand Palais of Lille or the Casino Luxembourg – Contemporary Art Forum.

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Laura Mannelli - As above so below
bilingual edition (English / French)
CDA (Centre des Arts)
Artists Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert, and Laura Mannelli, collaborate on a selection of works that explore the concept of worlds within worlds based on Dante Alighieri's opus. These visual narratives are complemented by texts from writers Benjamin Bianciotto, Agnès de Cayeux, Peter Gray, Didier Ottaviani and Catherine Vidal.

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