Toshi Ichiyanaghi

Close friend with John Cage and Nam June Paik, composer Toshi Ichiyanaghi was also the first husband of Yoko OnoFluxus period. Currently, he serves as Artistic Director of TIME, Artistic Director of Ensemble Origin_A Millennium of Resonance, as Adviser of the Japan Music Competition, Board Member of Saison Foundation, Councilor of Suntory Foundation for Arts and General Artistic Director of the Kanagawa Arts Foundation.
Toshi Ichiyanaghi - Cloud Atlas / Vertical Study (CD)
Sub Rosa
Cloud Atlas is a collection of 10 short pieces composed by Toshi Ichiyanaghi between 1985 to 1999. Vertical Study gathers rare pieces composed by Claude Ledoux. Both are performed by Japanese pianist Kaoru Tashiro.

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