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Assaf Gruber

Assaf Gruber (born 1980 in Jerusalem, lives and works in Berlin) works mainly with film and sculpture. His projects often question how art affects individuals who are not inherently drawn to it: an applicant who, due to his religious background, was rejected multiple times from the East German art academies during the 1970s; a retired security guard from the Old Masters Gallery in Dresden, who now wants to spend the rest of her life as a volunteer in an Avant-Garde museum; and Chinese owners of a manufacture company for contemporary art sculptures based in Poland. These are some of the leading protagonists in Gruber's projects, that are always navigating between facts and fabrications. The plots emerged from the personal environments of the characters and address the manner in which political ideologies of subjects are intertwined with personal stories and the way in which they shape social relations within private and public spheres.

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Assaf Gruber - The Storyseller
English edition
Archive Books
Monograph dedicated to the films of the Israeli artist Assaf Gruber. Articulated around eight conversations related to the films' production, this publication reflects an important theme in Gruber's work: what effects can art have on individuals far removed from the artistic field.

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