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David Ostrowski

Experimenting with gesture and imperfection, the pictural work of the Cologne-based artist David Ostrowski (born 1981) is characterized by the use of a reduced color palette on vast, nearly empty fields covered with occasional gestures and marks. In a minimalist and seemingly nonchalant style, the artist applies lacquer, spray paint and found materials—which he uses also for his collages. His compositions are imbued with contingency and the impossibility to revise or correct an action. The rough canvas resulting from these coincidences and mistakes invite the viewer to an haptic experience in which each of Ostrowski's elements seems to appear simultaneously by chance and beauty.

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David Ostrowski - The Thin Red Line
English edition
Mousse - Mousse Publishing (books)
An exploration of the absence and presence of the (red) color.

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