Emma Dusong

Through the human voice, talking or singing, Emma Dusong (born 1982 at Les Lilas, lives and works in Paris) looks for experiences that are alive for the visitors. Most of her work often initiated by triggers, are nevertheless outside of the logic of an event, what interests her is to propose a duration. She writes and composes all of her vocal work.

(external link : www.emmadusong.org)
Emma Dusong - collection Maison Bernard, Fonds de dotation
bilingual edition (English / French)
Analogues - Monographs
The second title in a series of publications dedicated to artists' residencies at Maison Bernard, a masterpiece of organic architecture carried out in the 1970s by Antti Lovag in association with Pierre Bernard. The book documents a site-specific project by Emma Dusong, an artist who works with her own voice.

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