Elena Vogman

Elena Vogman is a postdoctoral research fellow in the DFG-project “Rhythm and Projection” at the Institute of General and Comparative Literature at Free University in Berlin and free curator. She wrote her dissertation on Sensuous Thinking in Sergei Eisenstein's theory project Method. She has published various articles on Soviet Cinema, forms of visual thinking, practices of montage and the relations between literature, ethnology, art and science. Together with Marie Rebecchi she curated the exhibition on “Sergei Eisenstein: The Anthropology of Rhythm” at Nomas Foundation, Rome.
Elena Vogman - Dance of Values - Sergei Eisenstein\'s Capital Project
English edition
Diaphanes - Think Art
Researcher Elena Vogman examines the unpublished archival material relating to the film adaptation of Karl Marx's Capital by Sergei Eisenstein. The analysis of these materials reveals the clear and ambitious idea that animated the Soviet filmmaker for this aborted project: to build a visual theorization of value.
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